Brading 10K Race report 2018 – by Sarah Probert

Brading 10k 2018

Sunday 24th June started with temperatures hotter than Satan’s greenhouse as 145 runners gathered at Smallbrook Stadium for the annual Brading 10k Road Race. Not as large a turnout as in previous years due to some people singing in a field somewhere, nor was it the original route we all know and love because of the omission of Beaper Shute, but the stunning Isabella Grace medal had all eyes on the prize and softened the route deviation blow for even the toughest Brading 10k veterans.

Warm up’s ensued round the speedway track and the red shirts dominated as the topics of conversation for everyone seemed to follow very similar themes – ‘It’s far too hot to run!’, ‘I should have just marshalled it’ (Nigel Eldridge) ‘Will I be home in time for England/Panama?’, ‘Has anyone seen Brian Warren?’ and the obligatory race mantra ‘I’m not going to race it, I just want to get round!’ (we all had a good laugh when Julie King said that one!).

After the team photo (‘Old vests get to the back!’) and the symphony of beeping Garmins, we were off!! Having stalked a few people’s Strava later, Michelle Martin and I were very pleased to have secured a top ten position in the ‘I went out too fast’ category with this being confirmed after the race when Steve Lee announced to us “You went out too fast!” No trophy for that one though. Gutted.

The route was a peaceful, tree lined jaunt hampered somewhat (ok, a lot!) by the relentless heat. The two turnaround points were not as soul destroying as I had envisaged (I have a severe love/hate relationship with laps *cough cough* Netley 10k!) and the constant stream of Harriers shouting support to one another as they passed was, as ever, uplifting. Running alongside Carolyn Ward, the air was a vivid shade of blue as the expletives flowed for the last 2k and the entrance to Smallbrook Stadium finally appeared on the horizon. We dug deep and produced one last surge round the track towards the cheering and ‘whoop-whooping’ of the other Harriers – 300m, 200m, 100m and a sprint across the finish line and straight to the water station! (Did I mention it was quite hot?)

Back at the clubhouse for the results and prize giving, Harriers swept the board (IWRR did pretty well too!) with some impressive times proving that we’re still unbeatable! (Although after that heat, I think we all felt like we’d been running since 1886!) Here’s to next year! (and a few degrees cooler hopefully!)


Jake Brougham 3rd 36:53
Adam Tuck 4th 37:10
Richard Melville 12th 41:38
Trevor McAlister 15th 42:11
Nigel Eldridge 18th 42:36
Harry Furmidge 22nd 43:42
Gordon D Bushell 25th 44:51
Graham Gardner 26th 44:52
Dave Slack 30th 45:30
Julie King 3rd 46:03 – 1st V45
Ken Beak 36th 46:52
Tom Hill 38th 47:14
Jimi Eldridge 39th 47:26
Elaine Parry 6th 47:33 – 2nd vet 45
Samantha Fancourt 7th – 2nd vet 35
Andrew Lewis 42nd 47:56
Mike Dignan 43rd 48:05
Andrew Hedgecox 44th 48:12
Sarah Smith 11th 50:06
Roger Merry 55th 50:28
Nick Herbert 57th 50:52
Nat Jane Rose 14th 51:51
Sally Roberts 16th 52:17
Lisa Robertson 17th 52:19
Bridget Lewis 19th 52:29
Bob Somers 65th 53:3- – 1st V70
Isabella Grace 20th 54:15
Catherine Young 21st 54:44
Peter Jolliffe 67th 54:50
Rosie Eldridge 25th 55:35
Scott Stillwell 72nd 56:11
Stephen Lee 73rd 56:18
Linda Spencer 29th 56:23
Debbie Williams 23rd 59:24
Sarah Probert 35th 60:32
Carolyn Ward 36th 60:33
Michelle Martin 45th 64:35
Kate Young 49th 65:25
Darren Kingsbury 82nd 66:55
Angela Thornton 54th 69:50
Louise Wilcock 56th 71:23
Jane Warren 58th 72:13
Beth Holloway 59th 73:00
Amanda Chaddah 60th 80:0
Sue Clerkin-61st 80:42